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Maha Kumbh Mela 2025 - Street Photography Workshop

Physical Workshops

12 - 16 Oct 2024 (10 participants max)

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The Maha Kumbh Mela, one of the largest religious gatherings in the world, is set to take place in Prayagraj in 2025. During this incredible event, millions of devotees from India and around the world gather at the confluence of the Ganga, Yamuna, and the mythologized Sarasvati river to take part in ancient rituals, take sacred dips in these holy rivers, and seek spiritual enlightenment.

The festival also includes fairs, religious discourses, and mass gatherings of sadhus and monks. This event is a must-see for its vibrancy, its wide range of experiences and to bear witness to the devotion of thousands upon thousands of people.
If you are a passionate photographer, join our photography workshop during the Maha Kumbh Mela. This workshop is designed to provide you with the opportunity to explore the multiple facets of this incredible festival while being mentored by 2 photographers who have already covered this event in depth in 2019 and will provide you with the right tips to ensure a fruitful experience.

From witnessing interesting ceremonies to documenting the faith of the devotees, from the grand processions to the soul-stirring snans, we will provide you with the right environment for you to experience and capture the spirit and essence of this timeless tradition and go back home with wonderful memories and stunning photographs.
This workshop is open to enthusiasts of all levels. Join a group of like-minded photographers to witness a life-changing experience. Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to be part of the Maha Kumbh Mela photography workshop in Prayagraj 2025.



Shot by Suresh

  • You will learn how to capture the magic of authentic traditions.

  • You will learn how to approach a complex scene and create compelling images out of it.

  • You will witness the faith and interact with countless people from all parts of India and the world.

  • You will connect with a group of like-minded people who share the same passion as you.

  • You will take back memories of a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


  1. Laptop with photo-editing software.

  2. A good pair of shoes.

  3. Camera with preferably a small lens and extra batteries.

  4. Videoconferencing via Google Meet for the theory session.

Kumbh - 1 Sree.jpg

Shot by Sreeranj


Day 0 (date will be shared with the workshop participants) - 3h:

A few days before the workshop (date to be confirmed), we will host an introductory session on street photography. 

This session will take place online (via GMeet) and will last 3 hours.


Day 1 (12/01/2025)

  • Arrival to Prayagraj by afternoon/early evening.

  • Meetup at the accommodation.

  • In the evening, walk around the camp to soak in the atmosphere

Day 2 (13/01/2025) – Early morning until mid-afternoon.

  • Early morning (~5:00AM) shoot of ritual baths in the Ganges.

  • We will follow this with a walk around the temporary city documenting both the akharas as well as the activities of the devotees.

  • We will take a rest in the middle of the afternoon to be in top form for the Shahi snan on the 14th.

​Day 3 (14/01/2025) Full day shoot

  • Very early morning (timing to be confirmed), we will proceed to witness and document the Makar Sakranti Shahi Snan that will take place at the Sangam of the Ganga and Yamuna.

  • After the holy dip, we will reconvene at our headquarters for breakfast/rest before going out again and documenting more events.


Day 4 (15/01/2025) Full day shoot

  • We will have the full day to document various activities and rituals of the Kumbh Mela

Day 5 (16/01/2025)

  • This is the last opportunity to take more pictures early morning before breakfast. After breakfast, it is time to bid farewell to Prayagraj and move on to the next location.

At a later date (to be confirmed), we will meet again virtually for a review session of the images taken during this workshop.

Kumbh - 2.jpg

Shot by Sreeranj


The workshop is limited to 10 people on a first come first serve basis.

This ensures that the mentors will be able to spend time with each student individually and provide adequate feedback during the walks.

The participant's seat will be confirmed as soon as the payment is made.

Note: This workshop can be booked in tandem with the Varanasi workshop that will take place between the 17th and 19th January.


  • INR 10000 (Indian residents)

  • INR 17500 (Indian residents if booked with the Varanasi Workshop)

  • US$ 200 (International participants)

  • US$ 350 (International participants if booked with the Varanasi Workshop)


We are currently working with our local contacts in Prayagraj to reserve accommodations at the epicenter of the Kumbh Mela (near the river and some of the main akhadas) and will update this planning once the location and the cost are confirmed.

What's included?

  • Workshop charges

  • A list of resources on street photography along with 7 e-books (worth 5000 INR)

What's excluded?

  • Travel to Prayagraj

  • Food

  • Accommodation

  • Any other private expenses


  • For local residents:

    • Google Pay: UPI ID: suresh.naganathan@okhdfcbank or sreeranj@oksbi

  • For international participants only:

    • Bank Transfer:
      Account Holder: SREERANJ C S

      Account Number: 50100263592240

      IFSC: HDFC0001233
      Bank : HDFC Bank, Guruvayoor, Kerala 680101, India.

      Branch: GURUVAYOOR


  • Within 1 week from the payment day: 75% refund

  • Within 2 weeks from the payment day: 50% refund

  • More than 2 weeks after payment: no refund


Shot by Suresh

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