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Born in Switzerland in 1980, Suresh moved back to India, his parents' country of origin, in 2008. Overwhelmed by the sounds, colors, and overbearing human presence in this new environment after 28 years in calm Switzerland, he picked up the camera in 2014 to make sense of all the chaos surrounding him.

Over the last few years, he has been exploring the streets of the world and of his home city, Mumbai. Wherever he goes, the camera is an integral part of him. He uses it to both explore the world around him as well as his own self.



  • 2nd Place Eyeshot Open Call 2022

  • Honorary Award Winner Moment Street Photo Awards, 2021

  • Honorary Award Winner Moment Street Photo Awards, 2020

  • Finalist Miami Street Photography Festival 2019, 2017

  • Finalist Italian Street Photography Festival 2018

  • Finalist Bangkok Street Photography Festival 2018



Video Interviews:

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