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On top of the workshops, I offer other services​

Some of my students testimonials can be found here.

Online workshops


Street, Documentary & Travel Projects/Portfolio

1. 2-day program that will provide in-depth insights on street, documentary, and travel photography.
2. Detailed portfolio/project review & critique.
3. Provide a sense of direction.

1. Prepare a portfolio of 5-10 images for review ahead of the first session.
2. Prepare 1-2 projects of up to 20 images per project ahead of the first session.
3. Videoconferencing via Google Meet.

Day 1 - 3h:
1. Introduction session on street photography

2. Session on preparing portfolio/projects
3. Compositional mistakes to avoid.
4.. Review of main project/portfolio

Day 2 - 3h:
1. Projects Review.
2. Guidance on the main project.
3. Q&A

Rs 7000 (Indian residents)
US$ 150 (International students)

Payment can be made by
1. Google Pay: UPI ID: suresh.naganathan@okhdfcbank or sreeranj@oksbi
2. Paypal (International only):



1. 1-day program to provide a detailed portfolio review & critique.
2. Provide a sense of direction.

1. Prepare a portfolio of up to 10 images for review ahead of the first session.
2. Videoconferencing via Google Meet.

Day 1 - 3h:
1. Introduction on how to prepare a portfolio.
2. Review of the portfolio.

3. Compositional mistakes to avoid.
4. Q&A

Rs 4000 (Indian residents)
US$ 100/- (International students)

Payment can be made by:
1. Google Pay: UPI ID: suresh.naganathan@okhdfcbank or sreeranj@oksbi
2. Paypal (International only):

Testimonials from past workshops & mentoring sessions


One-on-One Workshops:

  • I did a one-to-one workshop with Suresh during an incredibly intense day in Mumbai, visiting several locations which covered different approaches to street photography, as well as different lights. During our talks, we also covered different topics, from the most technical ones to more theoretical aspects of photography and the creative process in general. The portfolio review was also very useful to identify mistakes, as Suresh gave me specific tips for each photo. It was for me an inspirational day and I am quite sure will be a boost in my self-confidence as a photographer and in my learning process. - Andres Ramos

  • Video Testimonial by Sebastian


Online Workshops:

  • "Session was really informative , cleared some doubts and was really a confidence building one" - Ajeesh Puthiyadath

  • "I knew that it'd be a great learning experience and I wasn't wrong. I would recommend this program to anyone who's interested in photography and for photographers looking to improve their craft. I will definitely come back for more." - Vishnu Ram

  • "The 3-day session was very helpful during this kind of situation. I've learned a lot about series and how to manage a photography portfolio. The review session really helped. My doubts about my favorite pictures got cleared." - Subhran Karmakar

  • "It was a great learning experience for me with you both in this mentorship program. I have realised my mistakes & looking forward to work more with yours given insightful tips on improving myself." - Shreenivas Yenni

  • "Wanted to thank you for the detailed informations you have given me to improve more in the future. I've learnt how to compose a scene, I've learnt how catch a good character when with flash, I learnt how to work on a potential scene. You solved all my doubts like a genuine master. This was my first ever online workshop and the experience is beautiful I must say." - Rangan Bhattacharya

  • "Your critics, overview and guidance in the entire process widened my view on photography." - Rageshree Das

  • The workshop conducted by you both was a great resource for me. It provided that much-needed knowledge and information to take it up with a concrete shape and direction. I benefited a lot and all the doubts and questions I had so far, were addressed by you and taken care of during the sessions. I am grateful and thankful to you both for this opportunity. - Chetan Dodwad

  • A well paced and very practical workshop which focussed both on general street photography as well as specifics such as alternative approaches to shooting the same photograph. Each topic during the workshop was well detailed with real life examples from Suresh and Sreeranj's own experiences and work. While there was a fixed agenda, the workshop also was allowed to evolve organically to cover themes raised by  queries. These were clarified in great detail with lots and lots of examples. During the portfolio review of each participant, Suresh & Sreeranj spent just the right amount of time covering technical, aesthetic and conceptual aspects. The feedback was very meaningful with to-the-point suggestions & improvement points along with with alternatives (of course :-))..  I found these very useful and necessary to create more impactful and yet aesthetically correct street photographs. Both Suresh and Sree are, what i would call, true artists who love their craft well. Very amiable and genial guys, their depth and spread of knowledge on photography which they patiently went through with us was very useful for me​ - Jobby Joseph

Testimonial Sebastian

Testimonial Sebastian

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