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Workshop Announcement

I am pleased to announce to announce my first 2-day online weekend street photography workshop held on 24 and 25 October 2020 with Sreeranj Sreedhar.

This workshop is the natural extension to the online mentorship program that we conducted earlier this year. While the mentorship program focused solely on reviewing the students' work, this workshop is broader in scope: Sreeranj and I will share the knowledge and experience we have gathered over the years as well our process on the street. With a mix of theory and in-depth review, this workshop will dive deep into what the genre is, challenge the participants’ preconceived notions and give them keys to find their voice.

Our program is meant for aspiring street photographers who want an honest assessment of their work and want to understand what improvements they need to make. Please contact us for more information.

Workshop Program


1) Prepare a portfolio of 5-10 images for review ahead of the workshop.
2) Videoconferencing (Skype) SW installed and configured ahead of the first session.


Day 1 -  3h:

- Theory session on street photography.
- Mistakes to avoid.
- Study of Master’s work.
- Q&A

Day 2 -  3h:

- Portfolio Review.
- Shooting tips on the street.
- Q&A


The fees for this workshop is 3000 INR.

Mentorship Program Testimonials

- "Session was really informative , cleared some doubts and was really a confidence building one" - Ajeesh Puthiyadath

- "I knew that it'd be a great learning experience and I wasn't wrong. I would recommend this program to anyone who's interested in photography and for photographers looking to improve their craft. I will definitely come back for more." - Vishnu Ram

- "The 3-day session was very helpful during this kind of situation. I've learned a lot about series and how to manage a photography portfolio. The review session really helped. My doubts about my favorite pictures got cleared." - Subhran Karmakar

- "It was a great learning experience for me with you both in this mentorship program. I have realised my mistakes & looking forward to work more with yours given insightful tips on improving myself." - Shreenivas Yenni

- "Wanted to thank you for the detailed informations you have given me to improve more in the future. I've learnt how to compose a scene, I've learnt how catch a good character when with flash, I learnt how to work on a potential scene. You solved all my doubts like a genuine master. This was my first ever online workshop and the experience is beautiful I must say." - Rangan Bhattacharya

- "Your critics, overview and guidance in the entire process widened my view on photography." - Rageshree Das