The Beginning of my Adventures - Suresh Naganathan

The Beginning Of My Adventures


Every first blog post must start with a picture of cat. This is the key to success.

Now that I have successfully created a website, I am wondering what my next steps could be. I have been traveling for 3 months and have come back with so many interesting stories and pictures. I ask myself,  what is the best way I can share them?

The answer came to me without much pondering and so I've decided to start a blog.

Posting on Facebook seems like a quick win but with no lasting effect. I may get a hundred likes for a single post or photo, but who will remember the stories after a year? Who will take the time to go through those hundreds of posts to re-read a nice story or re-look at a picture that I had shared 6 months ago?

Even I don't think I'll have the patience to go back 3 months, for example,  to review a picture or a rant I might have posted. While Facebook is nice for instant gratification and short-lived attention, some quick rants or sharing stories of what you did yesterday, it cannot replace a blog.

For now, my blog will mostly contain the stories, thoughts & pictures from my first, long back-packing experience. From here, I will let it take it's organic route, let it grow and see where it takes me.

These are exciting times. I fully intend to keep at it! I guess that the silver-lining to my accident is that the thing I have the most now, is time. More about that soon.

Until then,

Stay tuned!