June/July - 2019

The last couple of months turned out to be very interesting! I feel that I am unlocking new worlds creatively.

I have deepened my relationship with the flash. I shot a karaoke night in black and white. I've been observing the light differently than usual.

More than anything, photography has been fun these past few weeks! When I am out shooting, there is a spring in my step, a smile on my face, a tune in my mind. This energy translates into my pictures. I feel that they are more playful.

I am slowly getting used to the flash. My latest experiments felt more natural: I was able to go closer with more gusto. I could compose my pictures better and captured expressions I liked. I also realize that having an external flash works like a magician's trick: you make people look at your left hand and shoot with your right. They don't notice you. 

However, the biggest takeaway of the flash has been visual. As a color photographer, few things please me more than seeing gorgeous colors. The flash has a way to make them pop. India being the land of colors, I believe that my relationship with the flash will be long-lasting. With the monsoon (partly) here, the colors will become even more vibrant! 

I have been thinking a lot about photography these last months. Photography gives me a lot of joy. When you get a winning shot where every element falls into place, the feeling of excitement is unparalleled.

However, what is exciting to me these days is to connect my single shots into a larger narrative. My break from photography forced me to look back at my archive and this gave a second life to several of my shots.

In today's performance-based single-shot street photography, I find solace creating little series. The same picture ends up with different meanings depending on one's larger story. It has the power to expand one's world. I have a dozen series in progress; some visual, others contextual and I keep coming up with new ideas.

They may not pan out in the long run but they are part of my creative journey. 

I don't think I can ever get bored shooting the streets. There are so many unique ways to see, to compose, to shoot, to edit. Every time I go out, I feel like a beginner. I hope this feeling will never go away.

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